Saturday Science: Sea Monkeys

Learning about life cycles is something that is generally covered from pre-K on through 3rd or 4th grade. This is because different animals have different life cycles as well as because the basic idea of life cycles is so crucial to everything else in natural science and biology.
There are many ways to explore the life cycles, from ordering some live caterpillars and releasing them as butterflies to ordering some live tadpoles and releasing them as frogs to getting yourself an incubator and hatching some chicken or duck eggs. One of the easiest most simple and fun ways to explore life cycles is to grow your own sea monkeys.
Saturday Science Sea Monkeys (2)
Sea Monkeys is actually the brand name of one company, what they were known as before the Sea Monkey brand came along is brine shrimp. Ours were Triops, which are known as “tadpole shrimp,” very similar to brine shrimp but slightly larger.
Saturday Science Sea Monkeys (1)
In either case what you are hatching and growing is a small crustacean. The kits generally come with most of what you need, outside of a dish/tank and water. Most of these creatures are too delicate for the water we use in our tropical fish tanks, you’ll have to be sure to find non-processed natural spring water to grow them in. This is easy enough, you’ll just look a bit silly reading the fine print on all the water bottles at the shop.
Saturday Science Sea Monkeys (3)
Once these guys hatch, you’ll have a hard time pulling your child (and yourself) away from the tank. They are very active and fun to watch.

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7 Comments to Saturday Science: Sea Monkeys

  1. […] Sea Monkeys from Suzy Homeschooler […]

  2. Jo Todd says:

    My son was given a couple of very similar sets for his birthday. I’m just concerned what we do with them after they have hatched. Do they just die after a bit or grow big? I’m just nervous starting them off not knowing what to do with them. Thanks for your help.

    • suzyhomeschooler says:

      It really depends on the type of kit you get and how well they are cared for. The Triops we got are only meant to live a few months and then they die. That said, I’ve heard of children setting up proper tanks for their Sea Monkeys and taking such great care of them that they went on to reproduce and become a sort of self-sustaining colony that lived for years.
      A quick Google search of “how to set up a self sustaining brine shrimp colony” reveals several forums and short articles that are very informative.

  3. We did these years ago! 🙂 Fun!

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