Saturday Science: Static Electricity

I’m a big Marvel fan, in case you couldn’t tell by all the super hero references, comic books we read, and action figures we use in our activities. I’ve come to terms with the fact that as an adult who leads a fairly dull life, it is not likely that I’ll wake up one morning with newly developed mutant powers nor will I have some spectacular accident that affords me the gift to move things with my mind. However, thanks to science, I can pretend I’m that awesome and so can my children.
For this mind-blowing experiment, LittleMan needed only an inflated balloon, an empty soda can, and the hair on his head.
Saturday Science Static Electricity, Suzy Homeschooler (2)
We’ve all tried that party trick where you rub a balloon on your head then stick it to the wall, so I’m sure you know the drill.
Saturday Science Static Electricity, Suzy Homeschooler (3)
Just rub rub rub the balloon all over the hair on your head to give it a static electric charge, aka a non-moving electric charge. This charge is negative. So what happens when you introduce the negative charge on the surface of the balloon to something with a positive charge, such as an empty soda can?
Saturday Science Static Electricity, Suzy Homeschooler (4)
It moves!
Saturday Science Static Electricity, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
To be precise, the static-electric charge of the balloon pulls the can towards it. This will continue until the two touch. So long as you keep moving the balloon away from the can, the can will continue to slowly but surely follow the balloon around.


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  2. That does look pretty cool! (And by the way, that trampoline is the best!)

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  4. Jen Ro says:

    OMG that’s a great idea! So simple but fantastic 🙂

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