Sensory Bin Challenge

I’ve joined with other bloggers today to create this Sensory Bin Challenge. The guidelines are simple enough: set out a container of plain white or brown rice for your child to explore. Do not dye nor scent the rice beforehand. Do not include tools nor toys to play with the rice. Simply give the child a bin of plain rice and let them add to it whatever they choose.
Sensory Bin Challenge, Suzy HomeschoolerAs a parent who frequently creates themed sensory bins for my children, the idea of letting them create their own felt foreign to me. Still, I was glad that we participated in this project as it turned out to just be a lovely experience for everyone involved.

We started out simple enough, I showed the children two sensory bins with nothing in them except for plain white rice. I gave them 5 minutes to explore the rice by its self and watched as they formed hills and dug their fingers into it and watched it fall between their hands.
Then I invited both the children to go pick out anything they wanted to use in their bins.
Sensory Bin Challenge2
I was prepared to help SunnyGirl find something (I assumed based on her age that she’d need help) but she surprised me by making a bee-line to the cupboard with the plastic cups and grabbing a few to play with.
Sensory Bin Challenge7
She used her hands to fill the cups and then poured them out into the bin and used her hands to fill them again. This went on for over 45 minutes.

Sensory Bin Challenge4
LittleMan choose a wide array of toy animals.
Sensory Bin Challenge6
He created a scene with the animals, used them to act out parts of The Giraffee and the Pelly and Me (his bedtime story the night before), then buried the animals in rice.
Sensory Bin Challenge3
The children played with these bins for such a long time and it was wonderful for me to watch the way they explored.
Sensory Bin Challenge5 Sensory Bin Challenge8

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16 Comments to Sensory Bin Challenge

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  2. It’s interesting how, at different ages, they used the bin in different ways!

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  6. Boys and animals!! My little guy had a lot of fun using animals in his bin as well! It looks like they both had a lot of fun with this activity!

  7. Anna Meadows says:

    Great post! Love how such a simple set up can be SOOOO much fun!! Anna @Kids Play Space

  8. So interesting to see how the kiddos respond to the same material! My kiddos each did something different and each of them enjoyed such simple play! My daughter was well occupied for quite a while with rice and cups, too : )

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