Sight Word Tree Craft

LittleMan used to have a large sight word tree made from a cut branch in our oldĀ apartment, but the homeschool room in our new house is mostly windows so there just isn’t the wall space for that again. I got around the lack of wall space by using a display board to create this sight word tree craft.

Sight Word Tree
To make this sight word tree we used various colors of construction paper (red, orange, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and green), brown crayon, a pen, a leaf shaped paper punch, glue stick, and of course a white cardboard display board.
Sight Word Tree (1)
To start off we used the brown crayon to color a large tree onto the display board.
Sight Word Tree (2)
Then we used the leaf shaped paper punch on the construction paper to make many leaves.
Sight Word Tree (3)
We used pen to write sight words onto the leaves.
Sight Word Tree (4)
And finally LittleMan used the glue stick to glue the paper leaves onto the display board tree.
Sight Word Tree (5)
This was a fun process and LittleMan enjoyed reading all the leaves as he added them.
Sight Word Tree (6)
We plan to add 5-10 more leaves every week. We only add a leaf when he has mastered a new sight word.
Sight Word Tree (7)
Now this would have been the end of the craft except that LittleMan had some creative input for the project. Mainly he wanted the tree to be hollow and there to be an owl living in the tree. This of course meant that we glued feathers from our stash onto the owl.
Sight Word Tree (8)
And then he wanted to draw a cactus next to the tree.
Sight Word Tree (10)
I thought it looked pretty good when he finished, though I may be a bit bias.
Sight Word Tree (11)
Tree is looking a bit sparse right now thanks to summer slide but I’m confident it will be a full of foliage by next semester.
Sight Word Tree (12)
The best part is that because its a display board, we can fold it up and put it in the closet when we’re not using it, and bring it out again when we’re doing our reading and writing lessons.
Sight Word Tree (9)

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