St Patrick’s Day Discovery Bottles

I’m not a Mountain Dew drinker but some of my in-laws are and they recently left a few of these empty green soda bottles behind after a visit. To me, something about these green bottles just screamed “St Patricks Day activity!” At first I toyed with cutting them up to use as funnels and tubes in a sensory bin but then I settled on the classic non-toy that both of my children love: Discovery Bottles.
St Patty's Day Sensory Bottles (3)

I didn’t have any shamrock confetti or anything really cool on hand but I didn’t want to spend any money to make these so I had to improvise.


For the first bottle I drew a rainbow onto a deflated balloon with Sharpie markers and waited for it to dry. Once dry I pushed the balloon into the bottle leaving the end of it out, and I inflated the balloon inside of the bottle leaving just enough air around it that it could easily slide up and down the length of the bottle. Then I filled the bottle with water and put the cap on.
When the bottle is tipped, the balloon floats to the top. Perfect opportunity to discuss density and why somethings float but others sink.
St Patty's Day Sensory Bottle 1of3

For the second bottle, I couldn’t get a very decent picture, but I wrote the words “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple” with roygbp Sharpie markers onto 6 pieces of clear packaging tape (stuck to its self so that there is no sticky side exposed). Ideally I would have written these words on lamination paper, as I did for our Foot Book sensory bag, however I do not currently have my laminator on hand. SunnyGirl can tip this bottle around and recognize the colors where as LittleMan can practice reading the words.
St Patty's Day Sensory Bottles 2of3

For third and final bottle, I wanted to use magnets on the outside of the bottle to pull a rainbow of pipe cleaners around inside of the bottle. This would have worked with no water or with plain water as a filler. I made the mistake of using soapy water. The soap weighed down the pipe cleaners so they are too heavy for our magnets to pick up. This bottle, if tilted gently, can show how the pipe cleaners move slowly through the liquid, however if shook up it becomes very bubbley and the children enjoy searching for the different colors inside of all the bubbles.
St Patty's Day Sensory Bottles 3of3

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