STEM Saturday: Learning about the Human Heart

Valentines Day is right around the corner and while most of us love the cutesy hearts printables and activities, this is a great time of year to discuss the human heart and circulatory system. It is a very complex subject, but luckily there are many online resources which can be a great help to us homeschooling parents.

STEM Saturday Learning About Hearts

First of all, there are a TON, literally dozens of human heart coloring pages available online. I’ll link to a few options below but if you’re not seeing one that you like, then just Google it and I promise you there will be plenty more to choose from.

For the younger children, a couple more basic coloring pages:
one from Crayola
another from Teacher Vision

For the older children, a couple more complex versions:
one from Ask A Biologist
another from DK Coloring Pages

Beyond worksheets, there are plenty of hands-on activities!

I Can Teach My Child has a great sensory bin to show what blood is made of.
Living Montessori Now has a fun fine motor activity for sorting red and white blood cells.
The Kids Activities Blog has an easy demonstration of how a heart works that can be done with nothing but a tennis ball and some water.
I’ve done a demonstration on how veins work using a small box, cardboard, tape, and a marble.

Of course there is always the option of using a real stethoscope to explore heart beats, which I’ve done with my children and highly recommend. You can read about our experiences using a real stethoscope here and here.

PBS has an entire lesson plan on the human heart for older children which you can find on their website (here).

For younger children, I recommend this YouTube video along with a couple of the above hands-on activities:

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For more hands-on STEM exploration check out our STEM Saturday Pinterest Board!
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  2. […] Learning about the Human Heart from Suzy Homeschooler […]

  3. […] Learning about the Human Heart from Suzy Homeschooler […]

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