STEM Saturday: Free Printable Number Pattern Pages

LittleMan has been flying through the math work this year; mastered double digit addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction of negative numbers, started addition and subtraction of fractions, and even memorized a large portion of the multiplication tables. Try as I might to slow him down and have him practice what he’s learned, LittleMan gets bored of reviewing the basics after he feels he grasps them well enough to move on.

Now I’m not usually a fan of worksheet math, preferring to give more hands-on “real world” opportunities to practice what he’s learned. That said, I found that it saved a lot of time and headaches to hand LittleMan some basic worksheets that highlight the patterns in the math facts he’s learned already.

Each worksheet focuses on one number (0-12) and includes basic addition, subtraction, negative numbers, and multiplication. I wouldn’t advise these worksheets for a child who is still learning these skills, but as a review tool, they are quick and convenient.

Free Printable Number Pattern Pages from Suzy Homeschooler 

We’ve made a bit of a game of it, focusing on one number a day and studying the patterns around that number. While the worksheets are a quick and easy stand alone assignment, we often use them as a jumping off point and delve deeper into the number of the day once the worksheet is finished.

Ways we’ve expanded on the worksheets include but are not limited to:
– doing an art project focused on a shape that has the same number of sides as the number of the day
– having a neighborhood scavenger hunt for the number of the day
– looking for real life examples of patterns around the number of the day (example, apple blossoms have five petals)
– measuring objects to find the number of the day in inches, feet, etc..
– singing songs we made up about the number of the day

While LittleMan is scooting right along in math, he is struggling a bit more with penmanship and so at the top of each page is a small opportunity to practice tracing and writing the names of each number: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve.
We find that by giving small frequent opportunities to practice basic penmanship in other subjects, LittleMan makes more improvements than he did when given activities that were solely focused on penmanship.

Free Printable Number Pattern Pages, review addition subtraction and multiplication 0-12

To download your own copy of the Free Printable Number Pattern Pages (click here)


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