STEM Saturday: Kid-Approved Dino Game

Has this ever happened to you: You buy a card game for your kids and they don’t want to follow the rules to play it?

I know I’ve been there before. And I think I’ve finally figured out why that is.

Adults write the rules, and adults don’t always understand the way kids think.

Well here is a card game that kids are sure to love- I know because it was made up by my children.

Kid-Approved Dino Game 

Here are the rules, as explained to me:

First, you take a set of dinosaur flash cards and scatter them about face up on the floor.

Then each person gets to pick a card (choose quickly!)

Players then lay their cards down head to head and decide, if these dinos were to battle, who would win?

Knowledge of dinosaur trivia is essential to win this game, because you have to be able to spot key traits and debate their merit.

Things like carnivorous, heavily armored, large and/or fast all work in your favor.

If a pair of dinos seem to be evenly matched then the winner is whomever lived most recently. A dino from the cretaceous would win out over a dino from the triassic.

Kid-Approved Dino Game 2

I watched my children create and play this game for 4 hours on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and they’ve since taught several of their friends how to play. Its been a winner almost every time, and its a great fun way to study up on some of the lesser known species.

Everyone expects T-rex to win a battle, but how about Albertosaurus?


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