STEM Saturday: Mitosis

Not long ago we talked about cell anatomy and we made healthy edible cell models from fresh veggies. Today we’re going to be a little naughty and let ourselves play and learn about cell division using candy.
M is for Mitosis 

Mitosis is cell division, a process that is super important for healing as well as growth.

This youtube video from the Amoeba Sisters does a fantastic job of explaining and illustrating this process so that even my 6 year old was able to grasp it.

After watching the video, you might care to do a little hands on project. For this project we used gummy worms, a dry erase board, and a dry erase marker to draw out the phases of mitosis. The gummy worms represent the chromosomes, and we used the dry erase marker to draw out the rest of the nucleus.

M is for Mitosis (2)

M is for Mitosis (3)

M is for Mitosis (4)

M is for Mitosis (5)

and now we have two separate cells.
M is for Mitosis (6)


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