STEM Saturday: STEM from Cardboard

The holiday season has come to a close, the gifts have been given, and you probably have a lot of packaging materials sitting in your recycling bin at the moment.

But before you toss those cardboard boxes to the curb, stop!

Collaborate and listen!

Cardboard is an excellent material for hands-on STEM projects!

To build anything out of cardboard requires math (measurements and angles) and engineering (figuring out the strength of it once its all assembled). Depending on what you build, there is a lot of fun opportunities for scientific exploration.
Earlier this year Head Start, Lakeshore Learning, and The Imagination Station collaborated on a Global Cardboard Challenge where they encouraged children and classrooms to get out and build with cardboard in an effort to learn more about STEM subjects.

STEM Cardboard

For younger children, cardboard STEM projects can be pretty basic. Build a cardboard bridge and test the weight it can hold. Or build a cardboard ramp and experiment with the way objects roll down the ramp by raising/lowering the ramp and changing the weight of the object. Practice early science skills by recording predictions and results.

For older children, cardboard STEM projects know no bounds! Build a gravity powered car out of cardboard. Or a scale replica of your house. Or a life size boat that won’t sink!


My STEM Saturday co-hosts are taking the week off due to the holidays but they’ll be back next week.

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