STEM Saturday: Surface Tension

Today’s experiment is super simple, frugal, and hands-on.
All you need is various soaps, water, and bubble wands.

Studying Surface Tension with Bubble Science (1)

If you don’t have bubble wands on hand, you can make your own with wire, tape, and jumbo straws or even just sturdy, straight sticks you find in your yard.

Studying Surface Tension with Bubble Science (2)

Simply cut the wire to size, bend and twist it to create circles, then tape those circles onto the end of the straw.

Studying Surface Tension with Bubble Science (3)

For the bubbles, you’ll want one container per type of soap that you have available. We used 5 soaps (mom’s shampoo, kid’s shampoo, baby shampoo, hand soap, and dish soap) so we needed 5 containers. Mix the soap with the water in a 50/50 solution.

Studying Surface Tension with Bubble Science (4)

Now use your bubble wands to blow bubbles from each solution. Take note how long the bubbles last before popping, how big/small the bubbles are, if they pop immediately upon landing or if they stay intact for a moment. Compare results for the various soap solutions.

Studying Surface Tension with Bubble Science (5)

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