How to Store Non-Weather Resistant Toys Outside

I try to waterproof as much of our outdoor materials as possible. I’ve even found ways of making water-proof books and board games that can be left out in all sorts of weather without being damaged. But there are other things that I’d rather not get left out in the rain. Things like chalk. Magnetic letters. Dress-up Supplies.How to Store NonWeather Resistant Toys Outside

I used to store these sorts of non-weather resistant toys in 5 gallon buckets with lids.

It was an idea that was fine in theory but the lids were often too difficult for the children to remove by themselves and the toys ended up either not getting played with at all, or I’d help the kids open the bucket but then they wouldn’t be able to close it so all the toys would get left out in the rain.

Then one day I noticed that our cat’s litter came in these handy plastic bins. Very durable, yet easy to open.

All I had to do was cover the sides with some yellow duct tape.

Then I made a label for the side of the bin using Pic Monkey, then printed that label and laminated it. (For laminating, I recommend the Scotch thermal laminator and lamination packets. Great brand, I use them quite frequently.)

Duct tape the label to the side of the bin and viola, you’re done!

We’ve been using this storage system for about 2 months now and so far we’ve had no issues with leaks, and the children have had no problems opening and closing the bins.

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