Tabletop Gaming

You can’t wait until a child is 10 years old and hope that they have an interest in Risk or Settlers of Catan. If you want to insure a love of tabletop games then you should start your child off young.
T is for Tabletop Games, the ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings from Suzy Homeschooler
Games aren’t just a fun way for families to bond, they are a great teaching tool as well. Depending on the game, children practice early literacy skills, math, reasoning, critical thinking, sportsmanship, manners, etc..

Some games that our family loves for younger players includes:
Marvel Chutes and Ladders
Hi Ho Cherry-o
Candy Land
Apples to Apples Jr
Rush Hour
Scrabble Slam

Besides store bought games, another fun way to get your child into playing tabletop games is to make your own game. It can be interest-based or used to review/practice something they’re working on in school. You can do this free hand with some construction paper and markers, or you can fancy it up using some printable templates. Donna Young has some very nice free printable board game templates.

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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