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We Need A Zero Tolerance Homeschool Community

This morning an alarming article was shared in one of my local homeschool Facebook groups. I clicked on it not quite knowing what I was in for, and I ended up suffering the rest of my day from reading it.
I, like many survivors, experience physical and emotional symptoms when triggered. Triggers vary from person to person, but a common trigger is to read or hear details of another’s abuse. I am not angry that the person who shared the article did not put a trigger warning on it. I was glad to have read the article despite the state I was in upon finishing it.
That said, I am going to advise those reading this that the following paragraphs and the article I link to may be triggering. If when you finish reading you intend to share this post, as I hope you will, then please let those you share it with also know that this could be triggering.

Zero Tolerance for Sexual Abuse in Homeschool Communities (more…)

To Homeschool does NOT mean to Abuse

This morning, as I do most every morning, I turned on my computer and clicked on Google Chrome and brought up the various news and social media sites that plug me in with the rest of the world. Tab after tab of my browser showed startling headlines.
Apparently yet another child abuser has labelled themselves a “homeschooler” and, in doing so, has given homeschool skeptics more ammunition for their arsenal.
homeschoolabuse2 (more…)