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How to Make a Family Travel Guide

I’ve written before on living a life of adventure┬áregardless of where you live and how tight your budget may be. We have just moved to my husband’s home-state and, in an effort to get me excited about the area, Marmaduke purchased me a guide book with many historical and natural must-see sights. This got me thinking about a handy little DIY travel guide that I made when we lived overseas.
How to make your own Family Travel Guide for homeschool field trips, weekend activities, and holiday fun, Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Living an Adventurous Life (on a TIGHT budget)

I’ve lived in many different places- small towns, big cities. Michigan, Oklahoma, United Kingdom, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc..

It is always the same.

Everywhere I’ve lived the locals tell me it is the “most boring place in the world” and there “isn’t much to do in the area.”
Living a Life of Adventure
The truth is, there is always something to do.
There is always fun to be had. (more…)