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ATAT Handprint Craft

Awhile back I shared our handprint Yoda and I mentioned that there were other Star Wars handprint crafts in the works. Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of one of our other Star Wars handprint crafts. All you need to make this is some white or grey paint, construction paper (I used black to get a strong contrast for these pictures but you can use something different.), and a Sharpie marker.

Start off by painting your child’s hand like so:
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Giving Children Beautiful Materials to Create With

My children, like many children, enjoy art. More specifically, they enjoy creating and crafting art with their own two hands. When I first started to supply my children with art supplies, I stuck with items from the children’s aisle of the hobby shop. It seemed natural to me, since those were the items that were specifically advertised for children. As time went on though, I began to realize that I wasn’t doing them any favors by limiting them to cheap craft kits and low quality supplies.
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