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DIY Avenger’s Tea Set

SunnyGirl’s second birthday is coming up this week and it is a tradition in our family to give at least one homemade gift for each special occasion.
These past few months she has enjoyed using our ceramic tea set quite a bit and we’ve noticed that she is on a bit of an Avengers kick in recent days (especially Hulk, who seems to be her favorite) so we decided to combine these two interests of hers and create an Avengers Tea Set.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler Collage (more…)

Avenger’s Literacy Kit

There is an endless supply of ideas on the web to teach children their name. People do it using paint chips, bottle caps, and a whole slew of other items. Why wouldn’t there be? A child’s name is very important to them.

I was working on putting together name kits for LittleMan- multiple tactile ways of learning his name as well as names of family members, how to recognize and spell each family member’s name, etc.. When it occurred to me that he might be interested in learning these same things about “people” who are important to him outside of the family. This thought occurred to me around the same time that I found this awesome lunch box at our local Party City:

Avengers Literacy Kit from Suzy Homeschooler (1)

And so the Avengers Literacy Kit was born. (more…)