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3 Mr Tickle Activities

When we lived in the UK, LittleMan got hooked on a popular British book series known as the Mr Men books. There’s Mr Happy, Mr Greedy, Mr Bump, Mr Bounce, Mr Tall, Mr Small and a whole slew of other Mr’s. LittleMan’s personal favorite is Mr Tickle.

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5 Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities

Today I was planning to do a color themed bath for the kids. Simple, easy, fun. Just throw in some balls and balloons, maybe some legos all the same color. Add scented bath paint and colored water and you’re golden. But sometime around breakfast I went from deciding to do a blue themed bath, to doing a purple themed bath, to doing a Harold and the Purple Crayon themed bath. Once my mind got onto Harold and the Purple Crayon things just started happening. Next thing I know I had thrown together an entire Harold and the Purple Crayon themed day for the kids.

harold and the purple crayon 

Shamrock Theme Bath

I know its not St Patrick’s Day yet but I keep seeing all these fantastic ideas on Pinterest and I just couldn’t wait any longer to have some fun with it!

Shamrock Theme Bath from Suzy Homeschooler (2)

I dyed the bath green and gave it a fun fruity scent by pouring a packet of lemon-lime Kool Aid into the filling tub, an idea I originally found on Bath Activities for Kids. I dipped our spray bottle into the bath to fill it with green water, then added a couple extra drops of food coloring to make it a darker green.

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5 Bath Paint Recipes and 5 Theme Baths We Used Them In (Also Known as My Quest to Find the Perfect Bath Paint)

If you are a pinner and a mom of young children then you may have seen these theme baths that have been floating around the blogosphere. In case you haven’t, the jist of it is this: its doing an activity based on a theme or an idea, in the bathtub before actually getting washed up. Usually it involves some form of controlled mess such as bubbles or paint. Which brings me to the point of this post, bath paint recipes.

There are dozens -DOZENS- of bath paint recipes on the web. So far I’ve only tried five. (more…)