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Let Them Play

It was a wonderful Monday morning. While the rest of the world was hustling and bustling to school and work we were lounging in our pajamas, eating our breakfast slowly.
I had woken up to the kids playing with their figurines. Setting them up, acting out scenes, etc.. I was greatly enjoying watching them play, but I knew there was work to be done so I got out my phone and had a look at the dreaded to-do list.

Thats when I did it. And oh, I regretted it as soon as I did it.

Let Them Play 2


STEM Saturday: Kid-Approved Dino Game

Has this ever happened to you: You buy a card game for your kids and they don’t want to follow the rules to play it?

I know I’ve been there before. And I think I’ve finally figured out why that is.

Adults write the rules, and adults don’t always understand the way kids think.

Well here is a card game that kids are sure to love- I know because it was made up by my children.

Kid-Approved Dino Game¬† (more…)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part one)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat Tutorial (1)


LittleMan has inherited his mother’s knack for dreaming up big projects and, while we’re not always keen to jump on board with his time consuming and expensive ideas, we do try to support him when possible.
This plastic bottle Viking longboat was one such idea that we could get behind. (more…)

How to Make Your Yard Wildlife Friendly – FOR FREE!

Watching wildlife in their own backyard is one of the most rewarding and inspiring activities that a child can do. I don’t even know the innumerable hours I spent as a child watching the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter and birds building their nests in the spring. Many seasons I sat in quiet observation of the raccoon kits as they outgrew their mother’s care and the flowers as they over-flowed their garden beds. I befriended the toad who made his burrow beneath my patio and awaited his awakening each evening as the day came to an end, frequently catching little fireflies to feed him.
Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can give my children a similar experience. Sending them outside everyday to connect with the world around them, in their own ways.

Attracting Wildlife


DIY Mud Kitchen

Last year we built a mud kitchen for our children and it was wholly popular among our children and their friends. Lots of big time messy play went down at that mud kitchen. While we loved our old mud kitchen, it wasn’t very easy on the eyes. This year we decided to revamp the idea; build a new, more visually appealing mud kitchen.

DIY Mud Kitchen (1)¬† (more…)

Pangaea Travel Brochure

LittleMan and I were reading one of his many dinosaur books when he noticed a map at the top corner of the page, a map of Pangaea.

Intrigued by the idea that the seven continents of the world all used to be one large super continent, LittleMan began to describe a story. He told of how he used the Wild Kratts’ time travel trampoline to jump back in time and see Pangaea for himself. I suggested that a lot of people might want to travel Pangaea as well, and that we could make travel brochures to advertise a tourist trip.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (1)

For this project we used construction paper, crayons, a map of Pangaea, and our imaginations. (more…)

Tracking A Deer

LittleMan and I were walking to the zoo for his science lessons when we noticed some things that gave us pause and we ended up studying something rather unexpected instead.

Nature Walk, Tracking a Deer (1)

It started when LittleMan spotted some scratches in the trees. He was unsure what they were but I knew these were surefire signs that a male deer had been here so I encouraged him to follow the scratched trees through the park, and to pay attention to the ground to see if there was perhaps other clues as to what could have caused this. (more…)