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How-To Write a Halloween Story

LittleMan is 5 years old and, like many homeschooled children, he is advanced in the subjects he is most passionate about. If you were to discuss science with him, you might be surprised to find that he grasps concepts that are difficult for the average third grader. However, you only need to look at his reading and writing to realize that he’s a typical 5 year old with both strengths and weaknesses. Writing science reports and also writing his own stories about topics of interest to him have been our best methods for encouraging our reluctant writer.
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Tulsa Children’s Museum (Inspired Ideas for Green Play)

If you live in Oklahoma, then I have got the field trip for you!
If you don’t live in Oklahoma then keep reading because the Tulsa Children’s Museum has inspired ideas that could be implemented in almost any home or classroom environment. The best part? All of their ideas are frugal and environmentally friendly.
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My children, like most all children, love costumes.
For that reason, we have a wealth of licensed character costumes.
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Licensed character costumes are great, we love them. However you can’t deny that there is something special about letting a child create their own costume, of their own imagining. If you need any evidence of the greatness that is children’s superhero designs, then I suggest checking out artist Alex Law’s Tumblr: Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You. (more…)

Child-Made Lollipop Christmas Puppets

For today’s post I’m joining with Emma, writer of P is for Preschooler, to share with you two versions of child-made Christmas puppets. So when you’re done reading this post be sure to pop on over to see what Emma and her lovely daughter came up with.

For LittleMan’s puppets, we were inspired by the classic Halloween craft: lollipop ghosts. I suggested to LittleMan that if we used red tissue paper instead of white, we could make the lollipop look like Santa. LittleMan then suggested green for an elf and yellow for a reindeer. I suppose you could also use white for a snowman but we didn’t go that route.
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Paper Bag Village

I am extremely lucky that my husband is a very supportive man as well as a hands-on dad. Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by my to-do list what with holiday prep, lesson planning, cleaning, and social obligations so he offered to take the children off my hands for a couple hours. He was even thoughtful enough to snap some pictures so I could see what they got up to while I was off doing my own thing.
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Free Play with Literacy Manipulatives

Occasionally I like to lay out a variety of materials and let LittleMan pick what we do. When I do this the activities usually either fall into the math or the literacy category, I don’t like to mix numbers and letters at this stage.
Today I put together our set up outside so we could have room to run.
I didn’t bring out all of our literacy manipulative and activities, just about 1/3 of them. I thought too much would be overwhelming and would detract from experience.
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Fairy Garden from Recyclables

We’ve had several fairy gardens this past summer. All of them in containers on our patio. All of them drown as soon as there was a decent rain. Seems to me that if you want a fairy garden to be able to survive a bit of wet weather then you need to supply it with either some coverage or to make your garden in the ground where the rain water will naturally seep away. I didn’t think it would be possible for us to have such a fairy garden in our current living situation.
Then I noticed our bushes looked like a tiny forest near to the ground. Unfortunately they were a bit messy. I always knew there were lots of dead leaves and a couple plastic baggies tangled in the branches but we generally just avoided the bush because we didn’t know what sort of wildlife might be under those piles of dead leaves. I decided that it was worth the risk to investigate further, perhaps if I found no snakes then this could be the perfect site for our fairy garden.
Fairy Garden, Suzy Homeschooler (2)
I didn’t find any snakes but I did find out that people are disgusting. Under those piles of dead leaves I found broken glass, cans, bottle caps, nails, screws, a rusty metal pipe, scrap wood, insulation, fast food containers- the list goes on. How have we been living with this 2 feet from our front door?! Our neighbors bushes look similar to ours, with what seems to be piles of dead leaves and a couple plastic baggies, but I doubt that there isn’t just as much disgusting stuff underneath theirs as well.
Fairy Garden, Suzy Homeschooler (16)
Once I had cleared out all the rubbish, things were looking much more promising. (more…)

A TMNT Invitation to Play

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! If you follow us on Facebook then you may already know that our family went as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year.
A TMNT Halloween and Invitation to Play from Suzy Homeschooler (11)
We actually didn’t get any pictures while trick-or-treating so Marmaduke suggested we dress up again the next day for an “epic battle” (his words) and it was so much fun! No decent pictures of all four of us together (the self timer can be so tricky with two little ones) so I compiled a collage of the battle to share.

We don’t want to be downers on Halloween, but we do want to encourage our children to use moderation with all that refined sugar so we came up with a system LittleMan’s first Halloween which we still use today: Switch Witch.
Every year we buy a special toy ahead of time and the children are so excited to get the toy, they happily trade most, if not all, of their candy for it. The candy goes in a tall cabinet in the kitchen, and they are welcome to have a piece or two every week until it is gone.

This year SunnyGirl traded her candy for a large bouncy ball, and LittleMan traded his candy for a TMNT set that includes a (more…)