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Cake Mix Sensory Bin

We’ve never played with cloud dough, mainly because I find the idea of using baby oil in a sensory bin to be a little worrisome. I embrace mess (if you saw the condition of my living room right now you’d know this to be true), but baby oil seems like it would be so hard to clean up! So when I read on Growing a Jeweled Rose that cake mix would give the same consistency as cloud dough and take less prep time I thought, maybe I should give it a try…..outside.

But sometimes life happens and, well, this project sat on my mental to-do list for weeks before I finally got around to picking up some cake mix to do it. Truth be told I probably only did it now because I saw pink lemonade cake mix on clearance.

Since the base was cake mix, I went with the obvious bin theme: pretend cupcake bakery.
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