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6 Ways to Use a $1 Foam Puzzle

I know I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again, Dollar Tree is a homeschooler’s friend. Our latest Dollar Tree find was a foam puzzle with the letters A -Z and numbers 0-9. It has been pretty easy to adapt this puzzle to practice fine motor, literacy, math, and even life skills. Here are 5 ways we’ve enjoyed using our $1 find:


Learning your phone number. The age in which children should learn this varies. Some 4 year olds can grasp the concept of a phone number, some 6 year olds still struggle with it. Whenever your child seems ready, you should teach them their number (or in our case, mom and dad’s cell phone numbers). Knowing their phone number is especially useful if they ever become lost or separated from you. (more…)

Dollar Tree is a Homeschooler’s Friend

In case you hadn’t already noticed, I love Dollar Tree.
Love. It.

The majority of stuff I use in my sensory bins? Dollar Tree.
My stash of math manipulatives? Dollar Tree.
Organization for the¬†kid’s art studio? Dollar Tree.
Props for small world play? Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree’s school supply aisle is a bit of a treasure trove. You never know what you’ll find and if you find something good, you should probably act fast, because chances are, it won’t be there in a few weeks.

This past year I’ve found all sorts of goodies in Dollar Tree’s school supply aisle (more…)