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Any Whovian knows that an Adipose is an adorable chubby white blob, but did you know that they were named for the actual fatty tissues in our bodies?

Adipose tissue, familiarly known as fat, is the organ specialized for that task. (site) The cells that make up adipose tissue are called adipocyte, and along with all the other typical cell parts, they also have a fat storage area. These cells swell with fat until energy is needed, then the fat is burned off.

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Who, as in The Doctor, not the band

Considering that Dr Who is a long running, much loved tv show with a mass of fans, you would think it would be easier to find Dr Who related activities for children. Yet my Whovian friends tell me that finding such activities online is as difficult as ever. So I searched the net and collaborated with my better half and, while it took some time, I think we’ve found some activities that the littlest time lords would love.
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Back To School Gifts: Lap Desks

A dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third child, and I couldn’t be happier for her. That said, I remember how difficult it was to entertain LittleMan quietly when SunnyGirl was still a newborn. So, in lieu of being geographically close enough to take the kids off her hands a few hours here and there, I’ve made these lap desks for her children.  I believe similar lap desks would also make a good gift to give a child going on a summer road trip or even just a nice back to school present.

When giving gifts to a family with siblings, I like to be as “even stevens” as possible, however with her daughter in early elementary school and her son a preschooler, there were some slight differences between the lap desks.

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