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Lazy Easter

Last year I went out of my way to try a whole slew of Easter activities and crafts which one by one all failed.  There was the egg geodes which never crystallized, the Easter Island volcano which never erupted, and the new dye method which left us with white eggs. With nothing quite turning out the way it should, I declared it the Easter of FAIL.

This year I’m already in a stressful situation (see my recent series, homeschooling through crisis¬†for more info about that) and I quite frankly didn’t have it in me to risk another Easter of FAIL so I decided to take a new approach to the holiday. The Lazy Easter approach.
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60 Unique Peg Dolls to Inspire You, Plus My First Attempt at Making Peg Dolls

Happy Easter!

Every holiday my husband and I try to give each member of the family at least one homemade gift. One thing that says, “I love you enough to spend time and thought to give you something special.” In the past we’ve made stuffed animals, board books, I-spy games, magnetic travel games, clothes, blankets, bedroom decor, extra special sensory bins, etc.. and usually these gifts are a favorite of our children.

Well, this year for Easter I wanted to give my daughter some peg dolls. (more…)

Easter FAIL

I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m a bit adventurous with my children. Whether it be a cross country trip by train or a simple afternoon craft project at home, I’m easily excited and up for just about anything. Any excuse to have fun will do. Generally speaking, I’ve been lucky that the things I try usually work out well. Maybe not always as planned but we have alot of fun.

This Easter was no different. I had my crafts bookmarked. New egg dye ideas were found on Pinterest. I read up on all the local egg hunts and picked the best one to attend.
Then, failure hit. Big time.

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