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Raising Children in a Poly Family

Polyamory is the idea that a person can love more than one person at the same time. Not to be confused with cheating and adultery, which involves lies and deception, poly relationships are founded on the idea that their lovers shouldn’t have to be hidden from one another. Many times a poly person’s romantic partners will be friends with one another or even have a romantic relationship of their own. While poly people are open to their significant others, many are closeted to the rest of society. There are many reasons for this secretiveness, one of the most common being their children.
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George Takei and other Star Trek Gems

I am a huge fan of George Takei and absolutely love the way he has used his fame to speak out for equality for the LGBT community as well as to shine light on what happened to the Japanese Americans during WWII.

Fans of the original Star Trek know that this is nothing new for the cast and writers of the long-loved sci-fi. Star Trek has been the model of equality since its first airing, uniting all races of humans and aliens in a single star-ship and a common goal. Most notably, they cast a black woman to play the part of communications officer Lieutenant Uhura during a time when blacks were still fighting to end segregation in the south.

Years after the fact, we are all still talking about the first interracial kiss on television. Simply ground-breaking.