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Saturday Science: Air Pressure

With Easter being tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to do an egg-xperiment this week. I settled on the classic suck-an-egg-into-a-bottle experiment to demonstrate air pressure thinking it would be quick, easy, and fun. Instead LittleMan and I spent 3 hours attempting to figure out what we were doing wrong….and in the end we still couldn’t make it work!
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The Foot Book Sensory Bag

I’ve made sensory bags before and my children both really loved them. It is so easy to do, you just need a Ziploc baggie, some duct tape to reinforce the sides and seal it shut, dish soap or hair gel or similar to fill it, and sometimes some trinkets to toss inside. It is a fun, affordable, mess-free way of getting some sensory play in. Especially great for babies who have limitations on the types of sensory play they can engage in.
I saw this really cool idea to make a sight word sensory bag on Childhood 101. Perfect for LittleMan to practice his reading and still a fun sensory toy that SunnyGirl would enjoy. Unfortunately, mine did *NOT* turn out as well as the one I was inspired by. You should click on the above link and check out the original idea. Beautiful, right? And then there is mine…
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Easter FAIL

I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’m a bit adventurous with my children. Whether it be a cross country trip by train or a simple afternoon craft project at home, I’m easily excited and up for just about anything. Any excuse to have fun will do. Generally speaking, I’ve been lucky that the things I try usually work out well. Maybe not always as planned but we have alot of fun.

This Easter was no different. I had my crafts bookmarked. New egg dye ideas were found on Pinterest. I read up on all the local egg hunts and picked the best one to attend.
Then, failure hit. Big time.

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