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What Happened When I Let My Husband Plan the Family Vacation

What Happened When I Let My Husband Plan the Family Vacation, Suzy HomeschoolerSo there I was, standing outside the Detroit Zoo with my two children who were understandably cranky due to hunger and the boredom of having been in the car for over an hour and the being told that they can’t go in the zoo yet because Daddy forgot something back in the car that he had to go get. Suffice it to say, it was not my proudest vacation moment.


DIY Home Recycling Station – Free Printable Recycling Bin Labels

About two months ago LittleMan took a tour of a local recycling center with one of his homeschool groups. Ever since that field trip LittleMan has been reminding us constantly to watch what we put in the trash and make sure we recycle everything we can. Given his increased interest in recycling, we thought it would be a good time to put together a recycling station in our own home.
Home Recycling Center (42)

Keep reading for details of our field trip, the directions to make your own recycling station, and free printable recycling bin labels. (more…)

Tips for Successful Homeschool Field Trips

I have traveled quite a bit with my children, even before I started homeschooling. Enough that, while I still wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I’ve certainly picked up a few tricks along the way. Beyond that, I’m a self proclaimed “get-up-and-go” type homeschool parent. I want to join groups and attend events. I want my children to have a rich childhood, full of adventure and hands-on learning. To learn from life itself.
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Tulsa Children’s Museum (Inspired Ideas for Green Play)

If you live in Oklahoma, then I have got the field trip for you!
If you don’t live in Oklahoma then keep reading because the Tulsa Children’s Museum has inspired ideas that could be implemented in almost any home or classroom environment. The best part? All of their ideas are frugal and environmentally friendly.
Tulsa Children's Museum, Inspired Ideas for Green Play (1) (more…)

Dog Theme Week Sensory Play and a Field Trip

It is dog theme week and we are having a ton of fun. Our current situation does not allow for us to have a dog, but LittleMan has been telling us for months what color and size dog he wants when we are able to get one. He even has a name picked out. We are all looking forward to the day that we will be ready and able to welcome a canine family member in, until then we are taking dog theme week as an opportunity to teach LittleMan some of the basics about dogs and their care.

When I got pregnant with LittleMan, and for several years before then, I was actually working as a dog groomer as well as being in school to become a vet tech. Being a stay at home mom was something we had agreed on before Marmaduke and I got married, so even though LittleMan’s conception came a couple years earlier than we were expecting, I put aside my career plans to focus on our growing family. I still miss my clients from time to time. Being a dog groomer was a lot of fun (and it paid pretty good too).
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