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Fire Experiment

Last week was fire and fire safety week.
About half the week was spent working with printable materials. I found a large round up of excellent free fire themed printable materials at Living Montessori Now so I just kind of went through that list and picked a few of the printables that I thought LittleMan would most enjoy and learn from.
When we weren’t working with those printable materials we were running practice drills. We practiced touching a door to feel for heat. We practiced looking under the door for smoke. We practiced crawling out of the house. We practiced dialing 9-1-1. We practiced breathing through a wet rag. We practiced rolling as if we were on fire.-  Over and over and over we practiced these things until I was sure it was embedded into LittleMan’s brain and then we practiced a little more.

One of the few things we did that wasn’t a printable or practicing fire drills was an experiment which lead to a discussion about what fire needs in order to stay a blaze.
I remember doing this same experiment as a child in school (though we weren’t allowed to help, we just watched our teacher do it) and it must have sunk in because why else would I still remember it 20 years later?
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