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Do You Know The Weather Man?

The other day when I gave our little homeschool classroom tour, I mentioned our fun weather man routine that we do each day before up-dating our weather chart.
I wish I could take credit for this but actually we learned the song about 2 years ago when I first started taking LittleMan to the library for weekly story time. Our wonderful librarian, Ms Leann, would sing this song as well as do a little color search and counting activity each day before the reading started, and each day ended with a craft. If you don’t take your child to the local library for story time, you should check it out. Some libraries really are a wonderful resource for families with young children.

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Back To School Gifts: Lap Desks

A dear friend of mine is pregnant with her third child, and I couldn’t be happier for her. That said, I remember how difficult it was to entertain LittleMan quietly when SunnyGirl was still a newborn. So, in lieu of being geographically close enough to take the kids off her hands a few hours here and there, I’ve made these lap desks for her children.  I believe similar lap desks would also make a good gift to give a child going on a summer road trip or even just a nice back to school present.

When giving gifts to a family with siblings, I like to be as “even stevens” as possible, however with her daughter in early elementary school and her son a preschooler, there were some slight differences between the lap desks.

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Using Our First Early Readers

We took the plunge and started LittleMan on his first early readers. He’d been playing around with our Dr Seuss collection and working on small individual words. It felt like the next natural step. Right now he’s mostly still mirroring us, learning how to sound out words.

There are some words he recognizes without sounding them out. Oddly enough they are not common sight words like “on” or “the,” the words he can recognize without sounding them out are mostly names. His own name. Names of favorite superheroes, such as Spiderman. Also sound-words which are popular in comic books, such as “pow.”
At first I thought it was because an item was associated with that superhero, or because he recognized the font that the name was written in. Then I wrote them down in my own handwriting and without saying a word showed the paper to him. He recognized the words and immediately read them off to me. Guess all those comic books we’ve been reading together are finally paying off.

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