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Free Printable Frog Fact Valentines

LittleMan and I were at the shop recently and looking at his options for the upcoming homeschool Valentine exchange when it dawned upon us that it had all been done before. Ninja turtles, Star Wars, all of it. And while he loves his fandoms, LittleMan really wanted something to reflect his love of science. So I offered to help him make some that showcased his interests.

And so, with LittleMan’s help, today is day six of a 14 day series of Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks. Today’s Valentine is all about frogs!

Free Printable Frog Fact Valentines front  (more…)

Free Resources to Learn about Frogs

A few months back my MIL gave the children two sets of puzzles: butterfly life cycle and frog life cycle. We’ve done a lot to learn about butterflies but the frog life cycle was still a fairly new concept for LittleMan. Up until now, his only experience with amphibians has been an impromptu lesson in frog anatomy when we found one outside.
Impromptu Frog Studies, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
Thanks to this new puzzle, interests have been peeked and library books have been checked out.

To go a long with this new found interest in frogs, I created (more…)

Mr Croak, our Unexpected Substitute Teacher for an Afternoon

The other day I was setting up for an activity outside when I discovered a special little visitor hiding under our paddling pool. I quickly grabbed a critter-keeper from our shed and secured him so the children could get a good look. Their fascination with our new friend, “Mr Croak” inspired me to throw together a quick activity to learn about frogs. While they were preoccupied with snack time I quickly printed and cut out some frog anatomy nomenclature cards for free from Montessori Print Shop and pulled all of our frog books from the shelf.

First the children worked with the cards as they normally would, but stopping occasionally to compare the photos with Mr Croak. We talked about the uses of webbed feet and strong hind legs. Diet and habitat were also discussed.
Impromptu Frog Studies, Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)