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Chewbacca has become a pop culture icon in recent years. The subject of many great costumes, toys, and debates. Even among my own friends, someone will occasionally “speak Wookie” in an attempt to get a chuckle from the others (and its not always me!). If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed that even my puppy has a Chewbacca winter coat.

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Any Whovian knows that an Adipose is an adorable chubby white blob, but did you know that they were named for the actual fatty tissues in our bodies?

Adipose tissue, familiarly known as fat, is the organ specialized for that task. (site) The cells that make up adipose tissue are called adipocyte, and along with all the other typical cell parts, they also have a fat storage area. These cells swell with fat until energy is needed, then the fat is burned off.

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Entertaining a Toddler During Homeschool Hours

One of the hurdles I wasn’t fully expecting the first week of LittleMan’s school was how SunnyGirl would react. Sure I knew there’d be some struggle and divide of my attention but I had assumed it wouldn’t be much more difficult than it is to do the dishes or shower without interruption. I was horribly unprepared.
She had her toys and her books and I had hoped that would be enough to entertain her just a few short hours of the day. Instead I found myself grasping at straws because she was not content to play with stuffed animals while big brother was working. An activity she would happily do for hours on end suddenly bored her once the pencils and lesson boxes came out. She had decided that she too must have “big kid work.”
A lap desk of her own, some coloring pencils, and a coloring book helped only slightly. So I did what I always do when faced with a parenting dilemma. I brainstormed, came up with ideas, thought long and hard. Then I Googled it. I Googled the crap out of it. And here’s what I came up with both on my own and via internet support:

  • When a child seeks to exercise their mind, it is a parent’s duty to support them, regardless of inconvenient timing.
  • I might as well get used to having two “students” now because sooner rather than later, she’ll be doing formal preschool lessons, kindergarten, etc.. and LittleMan won’t be graduating before then, lol.
  • Some learning activities now might boost her confidence, improve her focus, make her more calm and centered. Well, as calm and centered as an 18 month old can be.
  • Her brother was not much older than her when I first started preschool lessons with him at age 2.
  • There are a ridiculous amount of resources, articles, and ideas for “Tot school” out there. Seriously, look it up, it is overwhelming. I never realized before but now I know, and if I remember correctly, knowing is half the battle!

One thing I did was look back at pictures I’ve taken these past 6 months to get a fresh perspective on how SunnyGirl likes to spend her time and recall which activities she most enjoyed. Of course I’m planning on trying plenty of new things but what was a hit for another blogger’s child may not be a hit for mine and vise versa so I want to make sure I’ve got some old stand-bys on hand just in case. I also have noticed some of these old activities can be modified to be fresh and fun. (more…)