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STEM Saturday: Fractions

A big part of the geek culture is STEM- that is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Most every geek is obsessed with one or more STEM topics. So it is important to us geeks to raise children who are well-versed in and passionate about STEM subjects. That means finding hands-on ways for them to practice and learn.

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When we talk of elves, I always think of Tolkien’s elvish warriors with their beautifully made weapons and the grace with which they fought, making a battle scene look almost like a dance. My children and I love the movies, of course, but we also have spent many an afternoon curled up listening to the audio book.

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Chewbacca has become a pop culture icon in recent years. The subject of many great costumes, toys, and debates. Even among my own friends, someone will occasionally “speak Wookie” in an attempt to get a chuckle from the others (and its not always me!). If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed that even my puppy has a Chewbacca winter coat.

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Any Whovian knows that an Adipose is an adorable chubby white blob, but did you know that they were named for the actual fatty tissues in our bodies?

Adipose tissue, familiarly known as fat, is the organ specialized for that task. (site) The cells that make up adipose tissue are called adipocyte, and along with all the other typical cell parts, they also have a fat storage area. These cells swell with fat until energy is needed, then the fat is burned off.

A is for Adipose, the ABCs of Raising Geeklings (1)  (more…)

Comic Book Sight Word Search

Like many geek homes with small children, we have a few old, tattered graphic novels and comic books and such laying about.

LittleMan can manage a level 1 or level 2 early reader on his own, sometimes even level 3 depending on the publisher’s standards of easy readers (every publisher is different), however he can’t quite manage these graphic novels on his own. Really, he just enjoys the art work and having us read it aloud to him.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Geeks

Welcome back to the On Beyond Zombie Linky Party and also, Happy New Year!

We all know the typical New Year’s resolutions: Eat healthier. Exercise more. Organize your house. Kick a bad habit. Save some money.
Things that are all well and good but we all know very few people will still be working those resolutions on February 1st. Still it is human nature to want to improve one’s self and the new year seems like as good an excuse as any to give it a go.

Geeky New Year's Resolutions

As geeks raising the next generation of geeklings, our goals might vary a bit from the average person. (more…)

Free Printable Gallifreyan Holiday Activity Mats

Welcome back to the On Beyond Zombie Linky Party! We took a week off for Thanksgiving, now we’re back and we’re gearing up for Christmas. All this month I’m going to be sharing with you crafts and activities that I’ve made with some custom Gallifreyan writing which I got from Applique Geek. Applique Geek has something for every fandom so be sure to check them out and let them know Suzy Homeschooler sent you.

Free Printable Doctor Who Mats