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PacMan, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, etc..

Everyone has a favorite vintage video game. The games we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts, whether the first game you played was Pong or Final Fantasy. Personally I grew up watching my brother play Super Mario. My parents were a bit strict so I didn’t start playing game until highschool, at which point I loved the classics like PacMan and Tetris.
Free Printable Color-by-Number Mario Themed 100s Charts from Suzy Homeschooler
The graphics might have left something to be desired but (more…)

Middle Earth, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, and such

I haven’t mentioned it much but my family loves -LOVES- Lord of the Rings. My husband read the books in highschool, I’ve basically got the movies memorized, and LittleMan thinks the LOTR LEGO games are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Last year I put together this pretty sweet Lord of the Rings small world play in our dry bathtub, it was a pretty big hit with LittleMan. Just some LEGO figures, silk leaves, smooth stones, washable paint, and a bit of dry moss to pull it off.
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Horde or Alliance? MMOs for Kids

One thing I’ve noticed among my fellow parents is that those who are gamers tend to have children who start gaming at an earlier age than their peers. I’ve also noted that parents who play MMOs specifically, tend to have a better understanding of the game and know how to keep their children safe in the online world. So while their children might start gaming at (for example) 6 years old, they are more likely to have a positive relationship with the game than another child whose parents are not well-versed in MMOs and who let the child play without precautions at (for example) 15 years old.

This is a general statement based on personal experiences, not meant to be an attack on any one type of parent. Of course I realize there are always exceptions to the rules. If you are not a gamer and your child plays an MMO then it is very likely that you’ve done your research into it before-hand. But if this is all new to you then perhaps I can offer up a few tips that might help.
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George Takei and other Star Trek Gems

I am a huge fan of George Takei and absolutely love the way he has used his fame to speak out for equality for the LGBT community as well as to shine light on what happened to the Japanese Americans during WWII.

Fans of the original Star Trek know that this is nothing new for the cast and writers of the long-loved sci-fi. Star Trek has been the model of equality since its first airing, uniting all races of humans and aliens in a single star-ship and a common goal. Most notably, they cast a black woman to play the part of communications officer Lieutenant Uhura during a time when blacks were still fighting to end segregation in the south.

Years after the fact, we are all still talking about the first interracial kiss on television. Simply ground-breaking.


Feasts, Fairs, and Medieval Fun

As a geek, often we find ourselves feeling isolated. Alone in our quirks. I noticed just the other day when I logged onto Facebook and there was a discussion on a geek parenting page about the Oscars. It was no surprise that pretty much none of the self-proclaimed geeks had watched any of the Oscar-nominated movies as they were all too busy playing table top games and reading books and admittedly watching “less popular” movies.
I believe it is this detachment from mainstream society’s interests that leads us to want to gather with like-minded persons. Online we have countless websites, forums, and social pages dedicated to our individual fan-doms. In real life we frequently can be found in large groups at comic conventions, Magic tournaments, and of course the Renaissance Fair.

When I think of the Renaissance Fair and all things medieval, I can’t help but reflect on the castles we visited when we lived over seas. Amazing structures, castles are. Studying castles lends its self to all sorts of things such as architecture, war strategy, history.

To get LittleMan excited to learn about castles I started by making two castles (one red, one blue) and two catapults to go with them.
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Exploring Space

I got the bright idea to make a solar system with the kids. Me being the perfectionist that I am, my first instinct was to do a papermache solar system to scale. Any of you who know anything about space know how laughable this idea would be to try an accomplish with a kindergartner. Those of you who don’t get the joke, hop on over to Think Zone and plug some numbers into their solar system model calculator:
If you want Earth to be 1 inch in diameter then you’re looking at placing Neptune at least 8 km from the sun. If you want Neptune 2 feet from the sun then Earth would beĀ 0.0001725 cm! Crazy.

So I gave up on any thoughts of accuracy and just decided to keep it fun and easy.

We started out with 1 sheet of construction paper per planet, some scissors (to cut the construction paper into a square shape), crayons, solar system flash cards, and an origami book with instructions to make a paper ball (these instructions could also be found via youtube).
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Duct Tape….and other weird crafts

Duct Tape.
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If you’re a crafty geek then you are well acquainted with the stuff.
From Pokeball roses made out of duct tape to TARDIS I-pad covers made out of duct tape, we geeks seem to have taken the phrase “you can fix anything with duct tape” to a whole new level, now its “you can make anything with duct tape.”
And this fact has not gone unnoticed by the big cheeses at Duck Brand duct tape. They went from the original silver duct tape advertised mainly for its fix-it abilities to offering a wide range of colors and designs. Their website has a section specifically for duct tape craft and activity tutorials. Every year they hold a Stuck at Prom competition and geeky teens across the country participate by making their own formal attire entirely out of duct tape. (more…)


My children, like most all children, love costumes.
For that reason, we have a wealth of licensed character costumes.
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Licensed character costumes are great, we love them. However you can’t deny that there is something special about letting a child create their own costume, of their own imagining. If you need any evidence of the greatness that is children’s superhero designs, then I suggest checking out artist Alex Law’s Tumblr: Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You. (more…)