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Wonder Woman

One of the easiest and most fun children’s cosplays has got to be Wonder Woman. If you’ve got a bit of washable paint and some clothes line, you’re basically set.
Besides being super fun, face painting is also an awesome sensory  experience.

W is for Wonder Woman

Here’s the step-by-step on how SunnyGirl likes to dress up as DC’s most famous female character. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions for Geeks

Welcome back to the On Beyond Zombie Linky Party and also, Happy New Year!

We all know the typical New Year’s resolutions: Eat healthier. Exercise more. Organize your house. Kick a bad habit. Save some money.
Things that are all well and good but we all know very few people will still be working those resolutions on February 1st. Still it is human nature to want to improve one’s self and the new year seems like as good an excuse as any to give it a go.

Geeky New Year's Resolutions

As geeks raising the next generation of geeklings, our goals might vary a bit from the average person. (more…)

Geeky Christmas DIYs


Geeky Christmas DIYs and MEGA CASH GIVEAWAY

Something about Christmas time always seems to bring the geeks out of the woodwork (or away from their game consoles, which ever the case may be). Perhaps it is the Doctor Who Christmas special we wait [im]patiently for, or perhaps it is the stack of brand new fantasy books we know we’ll find under the tree on Christmas morn. In any case there is no shortage of geeks catching the Christmas spirit and finding unique ways to make their holidays reflect who they are. (more…)

Rubiks and Puzzles

If there is one thing that a geek can appreciate, its a puzzle to solve. Whether it is a crossword, Sudoku, Rubik cube, or something a bit more complex, we just love to exercise our minds for no real reason outside of enjoyment.

This love of problem solving starts young, with simple puzzles.

One of the simplest puzzles that a child can start with is homemade popsicle stick puzzles. To make these all you need is popsicle sticks, tape, and something to color with (markers, crayons, paint, etc..)
Puzzles, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
Lay out your popsicle sticks (more…)

Optical Illusions, Holograms, Mirrors, Lights, and Lasers

While the Reggio approach to early childhood education is not quite right for our family, I’ve always admired the beautiful materials used. Specifically the attention to light and reflection which seems to captivate the children exposed to these nurturing environments.

We’ve long had a light table for the children to play on, but we’ve only recently made them a mirror box. Reflections are after-all one of the most basic forms of optical illusions…
How to Make a Mirror Box2
Mirror boxes really are quite simple to make. You merely need (more…)

Ninja Turtles

We are pretty big TMNT fans around here, so coming up with a new idea for this post was a little trying. We already shared 15 things you can do with your TMNT fan and last October we talked about our TMNT family group costume and a TMNT small world play activity. This time I thought I’d focus on just the sensory aspect of play, but LittleMan surprised me by creating an elaborate storyline using the very few utensils I provided.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sensory Play and linky party
For this activity I (more…)


Did you know there is no such thing as “LEGOs.” Its true. LEGO is a brand name and the actual product is LEGO brand bricks.

LEGO bricks are a marvelous product. So fantastic in fact that the design hasn’t been changed since 1958 yet the company is still producing a wide variety of sets and creations based around that simple 2×4 brick.

Of course, they have added other brick shapes and designs over the years. The most popular of which being the the LEGO Minifigures. Everything from the classic red shirt and yellow head to the elaborate movie characters, LEGO has made sure there is something for everyone.

Despite the wide variety of premade options available, the type of people who are most drawn to LEGO’s products (ie creative people) just can’t seem to help themselves from taking things a step further and creating their own custom LEGO designs.
How to make a custom LEGO minfig (free printable included) from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Kirby, Lee, and the Comic Industry

As I’ve stated before, we are pretty big fans of Jack Kirby around here. I know most people love Stan Lee and while they did work together, I just really believe that Kirby hasn’t gotten the public appreciation he deserves. Lee may have been the idea guy but Kirby was the artist. The two of them together created most of the characters we know and love today- Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and dozens of others can all be accredited to the dynamic duo of Kirby and Lee.

Free Printable Marvel Comic Early Readers from Suzy Homeschooler

One of the great things about comic books, besides being a beautiful art form, is that they encourage reading. LittleMan first sparked an interest in reading on his own not because of the many, many books we had around the house, nor because of our daily read-aloud time. No, he was content to be read to and never learn to read independently. That was, until he found comic books. (more…)