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Dear Homeschool Mom: The Rules Don’t Apply To You

Today my daughter and I were playing LEGO together for about an hour. I thought we were having fun and getting on quite well. But the moment I let her know that I had to take a break from playing to get some work done, she started yelling, “NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH ME!”

Cue the mom guilt.

Earlier this week my son and I were curled up together eating popcorn and reading aloud our favorite book. Four chapters in my throat started to feel sore and I let him know we could read more later but I needed to give my throat a rest and drink some tea with honey first. He groaned and closed the book in that sort of defeated way that let me know he was no where near ready to be done with our story time.

Cue the mom guilt.

Last month both of my children begged me to play pretend with them. I have never been good at playing pretend. Even when I was a child, it just felt weird to me. I declined. I told my children, “I don’t like to play pretend, but you guys can play without me.” They cried, they felt rejected.

Cue the mom guilt.

Dear Homeschool Mom, the rules don't apply to you - suzyhomeschooler (1)

And as if the messages that my children were sending me weren’t enough, Facebook was there to pile it on even more! (more…)

The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book

The 30 Day Unschool Challenge Book


Last year I made a change in our homeschool.
LittleMan wasn’t thriving anymore and he needed the freedom and power that comes with leading his own education. So I stopped planning his lessons and I stopped telling him what he needed to learn. Instead I worked with him to develop an unschool approach that would ensure he and I were both satisfied with his education.


With each small change we made, we instantly felt happier and more excited about homeschooling.
Soon friends started noticing the changes in our attitudes and our learning styles.
We were asked, “How did you do it? How did you make the switch to unschooling?”
So I thought back over the past year and all the little changes we made, and I consolidated all my methods into one 30 day workshop. (more…)

Interview with a Working and Homeschooling Parent #1

This is the twelfth installment in an on-going series of interviews with homeschooling parents. For more information about this series please see the page entitled “Interviews.”
Today we are hearing from working and homeschooling mom, Brenda Priddy. Brenda blogs over at Schooling A Monkey and I encourage all of you to give her a visit and say, “hi.”

Interview (more…)

Can Workbooks be Used in a True Un-Schooling Environment?

Unschooling. Its a buzzword. A hot topic. A thing of mystery and intrigue.

So many homeschooling parents find themselves fighting with their children to do their assignments. Others feel stifled by the workload of their chosen curriculum. To parents like these who want more freedom in their homeschool, unschooling can sound like a wonderful option.

But when we’ve been trained to believe school is done a certain way, how do we let that go?
And if we let it go, how do we keep track of progress and make sure that our children are still learning what they need to learn?
Can workbooks help with that? Yes they can. If they are the right kind of workbooks, used in the right way.

7 week unschool workbook (more…)

Stealth Learners: Eager Students Who Hate Being Taught

You pause and breath deeply, straining to keep your voice calm despite your growing agitation. “Sweetie, if you just focus, you’d have this done in five minutes, then you could go play.”
Your child stares at you with that same blank expression on their face. They start to scribble out an answer for the next problem. The answer is wrong. You know they know this. Did they forget? You search their face, their cheeky face. Something glints in the eyes. They are answering wrong on purpose! But why? Why are they making a five minute assignment last over two hours? Why are they drawing it out and driving you crazy?

Just this morning you saw this same sweet child pour over a book about a sea voyage. They even pulled out a map to check the locations mentioned in the story, to see if they were real places. They spoke of wanting to go there and observe the wildlife as they doodled pictures of ocean creatures in their journal.
How could this be the same child?

Answer: You’re raising a stealth learner.

Stealth Learners Eager Students Who Hate Being Taught  (more…)

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

As a mother who is about to enter her 4th year of homeschooling, and as a blogger who has been writing about homeschooling for over 2 years, I follow a number of wonderful homeschool bloggers.
But I have learned along the way that for every one good homeschool blogger out there, there are ten more who are just rubbish.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

Here are some red flags for rubbish homeschool bloggers. If you see any of these traits then you should not hesitate to click “unsubscribe.” (more…)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat (part one)

Plastic Bottle Viking Longboat Tutorial (1)


LittleMan has inherited his mother’s knack for dreaming up big projects and, while we’re not always keen to jump on board with his time consuming and expensive ideas, we do try to support him when possible.
This plastic bottle Viking longboat was one such idea that we could get behind. (more…)

All About Super Me Book


Our local homeschool group has a monthly gathering during the autumn/winter/spring months which we refer to as “gym day.” The primary purpose of these gym days are social, though we try to provide the children with many gross motor activities and a few crafts. One such craft for our most recent super hero themed gym day was to write and illustrate an All About Super Me book.

Super Hero Crafts Free Printable All About Super Me Book


STEM Saturday: Fractions

A big part of the geek culture is STEM- that is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Most every geek is obsessed with one or more STEM topics. So it is important to us geeks to raise children who are well-versed in and passionate about STEM subjects. That means finding hands-on ways for them to practice and learn.

F is for Fractions  (more…)