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Free Printable Love-Bug Fact Valentines

LittleMan and I were at the shop recently and looking at his options for the upcoming homeschool Valentine exchange when it dawned upon us that it had all been done before. Ninja turtles, Star Wars, all of it. And while he loves his fandoms, LittleMan really wanted something to reflect his love of science. So I offered to help him make some that showcased his interests.

And so, with LittleMan’s help, today is the fourteenth and final day in our series of Free Printable Valentines for Science Geeks. Today’s Valentine is all about love bugs!

Free Printable Love Bug Fact Valentines front (more…)

Saturday Science: Child-Guided Research

As a proud geek, I am embarrassed to admit that science was my worst subject in school. And yet, I’m learning that it is one of the easiest to teach my son. This is not because I’ve suddenly come to understand it better (my grasp of the subject has only slightly improved over the years), nor is it because I’ve purchased some amazing curriculum (I have purchased no curriculum).

Science is my son’s best subject because I have learned how to support his natural curiosity. It is as simple as that.
Saturday Science, Child-Guided Research
Most all children have the minds of scientists. (more…)

Rescuing Insect Words from a Sticky Spider’s Web

This week we are focusing on insects and arachnids in our homeschool classroom. It has been a fairly dull week, full of the usual activities: reading books about insects and arachnids, looking at dead (preserved) insects and arachnids with a magnifying glass, discussing the anatomy, life cycle, diet, habitat and such of insects and arachnids. It is all fun and fascinating but it has all been blogged about before by so many other people so I won’t bore you with the details.

Here is one thing we did that hopefully you haven’t seen before (because I came up with it myself, lol!).
Insect Names on a Sticky Spider Web from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Pimp My Patio, Day Three

In an ideal world we’d live in small house with a large backyard, and we would be able to keep hens for eggs, perhaps a pygmy goat. I had one as a child and they really are delightful pets. But back to the subject at hand, a personal petting zoo isn’t really an option when you live in an apartment. Luckily for us, our apartment complex is dotted with beautiful full-grown trees everywhere you look. Along with trees comes wildlife. Wood bees. Moths the size of your fist. Metallic ground beetles. And the birds, ugh. Cardinals. Wrens. Robins. Just last week we found some beautiful pieces of robin’s eggs on our patio! I suspect there is a nest in my upstairs neighbor’s rafters.

We are so very, very blessed to have all of these wonderful teaching moments available to us, surrounding us. So today the Homeschooler family focused our attention on the wildlife in our own front yard.

We started off making bird feeders for the large tree about 15 feet from our patio.
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