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Messy Playdate 2013

I wrote last week about the first messy playdate we hosted, and how I thought it might become a bit of a summer tradition. We hosted our second messy playdate since that post and, again, it was a hit. Things were a bit different this time. We had less children, less space, and new stations. A couple of the children were a bit cranky for unrelated reasons, but at the the end of the day, I’d do again next year in a heart beat!

Here was our set up this year: (more…)

Messy Playdate 2012 (the start of a summer tradition)

There has been a lot of buzz around the mom blogs lately about messy playdates. With good reason too, they are incredibly fun and beneficial to the children. But mostly they’re fun.
Last year we were inspired to have our first messy playdate after seeing some posts about them on Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Here was our set up: (more…)