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ATAT Handprint Craft

Awhile back I shared our handprint Yoda and I mentioned that there were other Star Wars handprint crafts in the works. Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of one of our other Star Wars handprint crafts. All you need to make this is some white or grey paint, construction paper (I used black to get a strong contrast for these pictures but you can use something different.), and a Sharpie marker.

Start off by painting your child’s hand like so:
Handprint ATAT Craft (2) (more…)

To Be A Geek Is To Never Truly Be Alone

There was a time when the term “geek” wasn’t something that people proudly proclaimed. A time when someone called you a geek and it was hurtful. They were saying you didn’t belong, you were weird.

Now days being a called a geek isn’t an insult, nor is being a geek a lonely experience the way it once was.

The Geeks Shall (more…)

The Ultimate Nature Study Link-Up

The Ultimate Nature-Study Link-Up
Summer time is upon us and the temptation to allow our children to veg out on the couch all day is something many of us struggle with. Lets face it, tv and video games is easier than outdoor play. It keeps the kids quiet and clean whereas sending them into the backyard means dirt under the finger nails and loud games of tag. Our family strongly regulates screen time, and even we struggle with this.

The fact of the matter is though, too much time inside, disconnected from nature and real-life sensory experiences is a contributing factor in childhood depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and nature deficit disorder. We can try to combat all of these by (more…)

Saturday Science: Surface Tension

I am so excited, this is my first week co-hosting Saturday Science. My fellow hosts are some wonderful bloggers and all-around great people (you can find links to their sites at the bottom of this post and I encourage you to stop by to say hi).

We’re starting things off with an experiment so simple, you could do it at a restaurant table while you wait for your meal!
All you need is a bowl or cup of water, some ground pepper, and soap. We tried 3 different types of soap (bar, foam, and gel) with the same results each time.
Surface Tension1 (more…)