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Geeky Christmas DIYs


Geeky Christmas DIYs and MEGA CASH GIVEAWAY

Something about Christmas time always seems to bring the geeks out of the woodwork (or away from their game consoles, which ever the case may be). Perhaps it is the Doctor Who Christmas special we wait [im]patiently for, or perhaps it is the stack of brand new fantasy books we know we’ll find under the tree on Christmas morn. In any case there is no shortage of geeks catching the Christmas spirit and finding unique ways to make their holidays reflect who they are. (more…)

PacMan, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, etc..

Everyone has a favorite vintage video game. The games we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts, whether the first game you played was Pong or Final Fantasy. Personally I grew up watching my brother play Super Mario. My parents were a bit strict so I didn’t start playing game until highschool, at which point I loved the classics like PacMan and Tetris.
Free Printable Color-by-Number Mario Themed 100s Charts from Suzy Homeschooler
The graphics might have left something to be desired but (more…)