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As the mother of both a boy and a girl, I find that I walk a fine line in our society. I disagree with the emasculation of boys and find it ridiculous how so many boys are not permitted to play in ways that come naturally to them. I disagree with the sexualization of girls and find it dangerous how many girls are encouraged to find self-worth in their appearances.

Both of my children are fans of Marvel, enjoying the comic books, movies, cartoons, costumes, and action figures of Spiderman, X-Men, and Avengers. Many of their favorite superheroes and villains haven’t been cast into the movies and they’ve both been known to school children twice their age about the Marvel universe. I take a lot of pride in their passion and encourage them in any way I can.

That said, sometimes I find myself struggling with the messages and themes in many comic books, cartoons, and movies. One character who is most obviously a struggle is Ironman.


Spiderman Patterning

At a recent trip to Dollar Tree, we spied a set of Spiderman stampers in their seasonal Valentines aisle. I wasn’t quite sure what we’d use them for but I knew they’d come in useful and be fun to play with so I picked up a set for LittleMan.

That evening, there was a Odd Squad episode on TV about patterns. Viola! I knew what to do with the Spiderman stampers: a simple and fun patterning exercise.

Spiderman Valentine Patterning (1) (more…)

Little Man’s Toy Review: Minimates Best of Wave 3 including Hulk and Iron Man


I am Suzy’s husband here today with the first of what will hopefully be many future guest posts. Little Man would like to present you his latest episode of Little Man’s Minimate and Toy Review. Further information about this item will follow the video.


Geeky Christmas DIYs


Geeky Christmas DIYs and MEGA CASH GIVEAWAY

Something about Christmas time always seems to bring the geeks out of the woodwork (or away from their game consoles, which ever the case may be). Perhaps it is the Doctor Who Christmas special we wait [im]patiently for, or perhaps it is the stack of brand new fantasy books we know we’ll find under the tree on Christmas morn. In any case there is no shortage of geeks catching the Christmas spirit and finding unique ways to make their holidays reflect who they are. (more…)

Kirby, Lee, and the Comic Industry

As I’ve stated before, we are pretty big fans of Jack Kirby around here. I know most people love Stan Lee and while they did work together, I just really believe that Kirby hasn’t gotten the public appreciation he deserves. Lee may have been the idea guy but Kirby was the artist. The two of them together created most of the characters we know and love today- Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and dozens of others can all be accredited to the dynamic duo of Kirby and Lee.

Free Printable Marvel Comic Early Readers from Suzy Homeschooler

One of the great things about comic books, besides being a beautiful art form, is that they encourage reading. LittleMan first sparked an interest in reading on his own not because of the many, many books we had around the house, nor because of our daily read-aloud time. No, he was content to be read to and never learn to read independently. That was, until he found comic books. (more…)

DIY Avenger’s Tea Set

SunnyGirl’s second birthday is coming up this week and it is a tradition in our family to give at least one homemade gift for each special occasion.
These past few months she has enjoyed using our ceramic tea set quite a bit and we’ve noticed that she is on a bit of an Avengers kick in recent days (especially Hulk, who seems to be her favorite) so we decided to combine these two interests of hers and create an Avengers Tea Set.
Avenger's Tea Set from Suzy Homeschooler Collage (more…)