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Messy Playdate 2015: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Messy Playdates are a bit of a family tradition for us. This is our fourth year hosting a messy playdate, our second year having a theme, and our first year inviting EVERYONE in our local homeschool group to attend.

If you’d like to read about our previous messy playdates you can do so here (2014)here (2013), and here (2012).

The concept is pretty simple: keep things open ended, let the kids get creative, explore with materials that appeal to all 5 senses, have fun, and get messy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed Messy Playdate (4)  (more…)

Outdoor Water Wall

In the hot summer months, playing with water is an excellent way to cool off, but I don’t always have the ability to fill up the paddling pools for them to have a dip. A water wall is a great compromise, a way to play in water and cool off, but without all the prep work and hassle of filling and emptying their pools.

Outdoor Water Wall (1)


Messy Playdate 2014: A Roald Dahl Inspired Event

LittleMan is still working with early readers, however he has been a HUGE fan of chapter books since he was old enough to sit and listen to them read aloud. He is such a fan in fact that I eventually caved in and started getting him audio books because my throat couldn’t take reading aloud constantly. The first chapter books that he fell in love with were written by Roald Dahl: James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Magic Finger, and, his personal favorite, George’s Marvellous Medicine.
George's Marvellous Medicine Messy Playdate (1) (more…)

Mini Water Wall and Other Fine Motor Water Play

Water walls are a lot of fun but can also be a lot of mess. If you don’t have the option to make one outside then the next best place might be the bathtub.
Mini Water Wall and Water Play, Suzy Homeschooler (4)
SunnyGirl recently learned how to use an eye dropper, so I thought a smaller water wall would be a fun place to explore with this new found skill. (more…)

Apartment Friendly Window Easel

Art is crucial to early childhood development. Art outside, in my opinion, is all the better. I had really hoped to create a large window easel but we just don’t have the space so re-thought my plans and realized that, besides being able to fit into our small space easier, a smaller easel would also require less work and less money. All I needed was a clear plastic sign holder similar to this (click).
Apartment-Friendly Outdoor Window-Easle (1) (more…)

A TMNT Invitation to Play

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! If you follow us on Facebook then you may already know that our family went as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year.
A TMNT Halloween and Invitation to Play from Suzy Homeschooler (11)
We actually didn’t get any pictures while trick-or-treating so Marmaduke suggested we dress up again the next day for an “epic battle” (his words) and it was so much fun! No decent pictures of all four of us together (the self timer can be so tricky with two little ones) so I compiled a collage of the battle to share.

We don’t want to be downers on Halloween, but we do want to encourage our children to use moderation with all that refined sugar so we came up with a system LittleMan’s first Halloween which we still use today: Switch Witch.
Every year we buy a special toy ahead of time and the children are so excited to get the toy, they happily trade most, if not all, of their candy for it. The candy goes in a tall cabinet in the kitchen, and they are welcome to have a piece or two every week until it is gone.

This year SunnyGirl traded her candy for a large bouncy ball, and LittleMan traded his candy for a TMNT set that includes a (more…)

Process-Art and Painting without Brushes

We had a blank spot on our wall just above the library book bin, and it was driving me crazy. I like my home to be colorful, and my art of choice is anything my children have created. Ever since LittleMan was old enough to grasp a crayon I have plastered our walls with his scribbles and doodles. Something about being surrounded by children’s art just makes it feel more homey. Some of the artwork is framed, some of it is just pinned to a length of ribbon we have stretched across our wall. For this particular blank spot, I wanted something larger, but I didn’t want to spend a small fortune at the hobby shop for a large canvas. I found that 2 pieces of white foam board from Dollar Tree were just the right size for the space I wanted to fill.

Whenever we do a big project like this, I prefer to either work outside, or in the bath tub. We actually have a second bathroom which we use only for art projects. We call it our “art studio,” click [here] to see the virtual tour.
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