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In Norse mythology, the Kraken is a large beast of the sea. The myth probably originates from a giant squid spotted in the waters then it was written about and there were stories relayed through song, however it has in recent years become a part of pop culture, having been featured in several major motion pictures.

K is for Kraken (1)  (more…)

Unicorns, Griffons, and Greek Mythology

I loved greek mythology as a child and I have been very excited to share that passion with my children. Right now we are reading the Harry Potter books as a family and Forks, the phoenix, caught LittleMan’s attention so I made this little craft to  spark conversation with him about the myth of the phoenix. For those who are unaware, a phoenix is said to always be male and to live 500 years. When a phoenix dies, it bursts into flames and new phoenix rises from the ashes. The new phoenix is then said to carry its father’s ashes into the sun.
Phoenix Pinata
It was pretty easy to make and we had everything we needed to make it (more…)