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In Norse mythology, the Kraken is a large beast of the sea. The myth probably originates from a giant squid spotted in the waters then it was written about and there were stories relayed through song, however it has in recent years become a part of pop culture, having been featured in several major motion pictures.

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Sight Word Tree

I’ve been working with LittleMan on the Dolch sight word pre-primer list, however I’ve noticed many of the words he had memorized are not on the list. Simply high-frequency words in the books we read and family member’s names.
In an effort to try to keep track of the words he has learned and motivate him to keep practicing, we’ve built this sight word tree.
Sight Word Tree

Painting Without Brushes

Painting without brushes is one of our favorite activities and we do it quite often. Usually its something as simple as a standard sheet of construction paper and one non-brush tool for painting. Occasionally I like to think a bit larger in scale. There is no shortage of ideas out there, if you’re interested in painting without brushes.

The following are images from one impromptu painting activity. I put this together in less than 5 minutes one afternoon when our neighbor’s daughter came over to play and all three children were starting to get a bit edgy from the heat. The items were all pulled from our art room and toy bins. The result was a roaring success as it did what it was intended to do: put the children in a happier, more cooperative mood. They painted for about an hour before moving on to their next form of play, mud sculptures.

Although I normally offer explanations of the images I share, I believe these images need no explanation.

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