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Dear Homeschool Mom: The Rules Don’t Apply To You

Today my daughter and I were playing LEGO together for about an hour. I thought we were having fun and getting on quite well. But the moment I let her know that I had to take a break from playing to get some work done, she started yelling, “NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH ME!”

Cue the mom guilt.

Earlier this week my son and I were curled up together eating popcorn and reading aloud our favorite book. Four chapters in my throat started to feel sore and I let him know we could read more later but I needed to give my throat a rest and drink some tea with honey first. He groaned and closed the book in that sort of defeated way that let me know he was no where near ready to be done with our story time.

Cue the mom guilt.

Last month both of my children begged me to play pretend with them. I have never been good at playing pretend. Even when I was a child, it just felt weird to me. I declined. I told my children, “I don’t like to play pretend, but you guys can play without me.” They cried, they felt rejected.

Cue the mom guilt.

Dear Homeschool Mom, the rules don't apply to you - suzyhomeschooler (1)

And as if the messages that my children were sending me weren’t enough, Facebook was there to pile it on even more! (more…)

Stealth Learners: Eager Students Who Hate Being Taught

You pause and breath deeply, straining to keep your voice calm despite your growing agitation. “Sweetie, if you just focus, you’d have this done in five minutes, then you could go play.”
Your child stares at you with that same blank expression on their face. They start to scribble out an answer for the next problem. The answer is wrong. You know they know this. Did they forget? You search their face, their cheeky face. Something glints in the eyes. They are answering wrong on purpose! But why? Why are they making a five minute assignment last over two hours? Why are they drawing it out and driving you crazy?

Just this morning you saw this same sweet child pour over a book about a sea voyage. They even pulled out a map to check the locations mentioned in the story, to see if they were real places. They spoke of wanting to go there and observe the wildlife as they doodled pictures of ocean creatures in their journal.
How could this be the same child?

Answer: You’re raising a stealth learner.

Stealth Learners Eager Students Who Hate Being Taught  (more…)

If Food Was Love

I lost my appetite.
And I don’t mean for a meal, or a few hours, or a day, or even a week.
I legitimately was NOT hungry for almost a full month.
I forced myself to eat, here and there, because I knew that I needed to eat to stay healthy.
But food tasted wrong to me, even my favorite meals felt foreign and I had to choke them down.
Then one day, it was like a switch flipped, and suddenly I was back to normal.
It took a while to figure out what had happened, but eventually I connected the dots and I realized it was love.

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Raising Children Who Don’t Think They Are the Center of the Universe

I was 16 years old and riding in the car to my first music festival. My mentor was taking me and I couldn’t wait.

My mentor was everything I ever wanted to be: 32, happily married, two clever children, a great home in a great town, a degree from a well respected college under her belt, and even a career before she decided to stay home with her kids. She was confident, funny, smart, well read, open minded- just an all around amazing person to be near.

And then I found out she wasn’t.

How to Raise Children Who Don't Think They Are The Center of the Universe


What Happened When I Let My Husband Plan the Family Vacation

What Happened When I Let My Husband Plan the Family Vacation, Suzy HomeschoolerSo there I was, standing outside the Detroit Zoo with my two children who were understandably cranky due to hunger and the boredom of having been in the car for over an hour and the being told that they can’t go in the zoo yet because Daddy forgot something back in the car that he had to go get. Suffice it to say, it was not my proudest vacation moment.


Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

As a mother who is about to enter her 4th year of homeschooling, and as a blogger who has been writing about homeschooling for over 2 years, I follow a number of wonderful homeschool bloggers.
But I have learned along the way that for every one good homeschool blogger out there, there are ten more who are just rubbish.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

Here are some red flags for rubbish homeschool bloggers. If you see any of these traits then you should not hesitate to click “unsubscribe.” (more…)

Learn with Play, 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun and Learning

One of my greatest sources of pride as a writer is being part of the Kid Blogger Network.

The KBN is a fantastic group of parents, grandparents, educators, and other care providers.
We are a passionate bunch and it shows in the effort we put into our children.
KBNers are well known worldwide as having some of the most creative and resourceful play ideas for kids.

So it just makes sense that we should write a book about play!

Myself and 93 other members of the Kid Blogger Network did just that, and here it is.

Learn with Play (1)  (more…)

My Son’s Bully

My son is 6 years old; there are many things that his friends can do that he can’t.
Perhaps its lack of motor skill. Perhaps its lack of desire to learn. Perhaps its just that he’s a late bloomer.
For whatever reason, he just hasn’t quite mastered tying his shoes and consistently writing legibly and, the big one, riding his bike.

Being 6 years old and being the only kid in the neighborhood is age who can’t ride a bike was starting to take its toll.
For a long time he’d watching longingly as his friends rode up and down the sidewalk, occasionally he’d run next to them, but never did he even try to learn (despite my urging) until earlier this month.

Finally he was ready.
Finally he wanted to learn.

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