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Spiderman Patterning

At a recent trip to Dollar Tree, we spied a set of Spiderman stampers in their seasonal Valentines aisle. I wasn’t quite sure what we’d use them for but I knew they’d come in useful and be fun to play with so I picked up a set for LittleMan.

That evening, there was a Odd Squad episode on TV about patterns. Viola! I knew what to do with the Spiderman stampers: a simple and fun patterning exercise.

Spiderman Valentine Patterning (1) (more…)

Patterning with Gummy Bears (bonus experiment)

Ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong from the moment you roll out of bed? (Of course you have, everyone has.) Well, LittleMan was having that kind of day today. So by the time his breakfast was finally eaten, morning chores were suffered through, and he begrudgingly sat down to complete his lessons, he was ready for something -anything- to turn his day around. Luckily we had a bag of gummy bears in our candy stash.

Patterning with Gummy Bears from Suzy Homeschooler (3) (more…)