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Preschool Chemistry Lab

We play with baking soda and vinegar so much that sometimes its a stretch to find new ways of exploring this early science principle. I put together this activity for LittleMan and our neighbor’s daughter recently and it was just such a hit.

First I started with a tray of clear shot glasses and two pitchers of clear liquid.
I sat in front of the children pouring from one pitcher into half of the cups, then pouring from the other pitcher to fill the rest of the cups.
I then took out three bottles of food coloring: red, blue, and yellow. I randomly added a drop of food coloring to each cup and swished it to mix.
Then I gave the children a bowl of baking soda and spoons.

The first thing the children did was scoop baking soda and dump it into the various cups.
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Painting Without Brushes

Painting without brushes is one of our favorite activities and we do it quite often. Usually its something as simple as a standard sheet of construction paper and one non-brush tool for painting. Occasionally I like to think a bit larger in scale. There is no shortage of ideas out there, if you’re interested in painting without brushes.

The following are images from one impromptu painting activity. I put this together in less than 5 minutes one afternoon when our neighbor’s daughter came over to play and all three children were starting to get a bit edgy from the heat. The items were all pulled from our art room and toy bins. The result was a roaring success as it did what it was intended to do: put the children in a happier, more cooperative mood. They painted for about an hour before moving on to their next form of play, mud sculptures.

Although I normally offer explanations of the images I share, I believe these images need no explanation.

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DIY Bubble Wands

I remember as a child my grandmother bending wire coat hangers into bubble wands so large that my cousins and I needed a pie pan to dip them into. She used to put out a jar of buttons for us to sort through and decorate the handle.

I wanted to re-create that craft with my own children but I didn’t have any wire hangers or buttons on hand. I had seen at least a dozen homemade bubble wands on Pinterest which used smaller wire and wooden beads, so I did a version of that with what we had around the house: pipe cleaners and wooden beads.
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Messy Playdate 2013

I wrote last week about the first messy playdate we hosted, and how I thought it might become a bit of a summer tradition. We hosted our second messy playdate since that post and, again, it was a hit. Things were a bit different this time. We had less children, less space, and new stations. A couple of the children were a bit cranky for unrelated reasons, but at the the end of the day, I’d do again next year in a heart beat!

Here was our set up this year: (more…)

Messy Playdate 2012 (the start of a summer tradition)

There has been a lot of buzz around the mom blogs lately about messy playdates. With good reason too, they are incredibly fun and beneficial to the children. But mostly they’re fun.
Last year we were inspired to have our first messy playdate after seeing some posts about them on Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Here was our set up: (more…)