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Teepee Neighborhood

A while back I was reading into what makes a outdoor space really welcoming for children and I noticed three main components that presented themselves quite a bit: loose parts for open-ended play, lots of opportunities to connect with nature, and some small spaces to hide away when they need a rest. I went through a lot of DIY playhouse plans and ideas before I settled on the teepee neighborhood.

Teepee Neighborhood (5)


Pretend Play Flower Garden

Children love to plant gardens, and it is especially beneficial for them to do so. Unfortunately, plants can take an awful long time to grow and children are not known for their patience.
And I have learned the hard way that if you attempt to grow a garden with starter plants rather than seeds, the children might be tempted to dig them up and replant them frequently, which can cause root damage and undo stress to the plant.

Pretend Play Flower Garden (1)

In an effort to minimize the damage to our live plants, I created this pretend play garden for my children and their friends, and it has so far been a roaring success. (more…)

Juggernaut: An Introduction to Minimates

Hello.  Today i am going to introduce you to a toy line, Minimates, distributed by Diamond Select Toys.  If you have read my previous guest post where LittleMan did a review, you have already seen what these toys look like.  For those that haven’t read that post, here is what a very basic Minimate looks like.

IMG_20150311_103622280 (more…)

Cake Mix Sensory Bin

We’ve never played with cloud dough, mainly because I find the idea of using baby oil in a sensory bin to be a little worrisome. I embrace mess (if you saw the condition of my living room right now you’d know this to be true), but baby oil seems like it would be so hard to clean up! So when I read on Growing a Jeweled Rose that cake mix would give the same consistency as cloud dough and take less prep time I thought, maybe I should give it a try…..outside.

But sometimes life happens and, well, this project sat on my mental to-do list for weeks before I finally got around to picking up some cake mix to do it. Truth be told I probably only did it now because I saw pink lemonade cake mix on clearance.

Since the base was cake mix, I went with the obvious bin theme: pretend cupcake bakery.
Cake Mix Sensory Bin from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

The Grossest Sensory Bin I’ve Ever Created

LittleMan asked to learn about cats this week and I wanted to give him sensory bin to go compliment the things we were discussing.
First I thought maybe a sort of small world bin with playdough and plastic toy cats.
Then I thought I’d use dry kibble as a base, mix in some felt mice cat toys, and barrow one of our cat’s bowls.
But then my mind took a turn down a different path and, before I knew it, I was assembling the grossest sensory bin I’ve ever created.

The Grossest Sensory Bin I've Ever Created from Suzy Homeschooler (more…)