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Ice Boats, Rain Puddles, and Color Mixing

Its been raining here a lot lately. And rain of course means puddles, glorious muddy puddles to stomp and splash in.

Beyond stomping in puddles, I thought it might be fun to have boats. Our last attempt to make boats was a complete fail. I’m still not sure what we did wrong. I made walnut shell boats as a child and they always floated just fine, but these ones sunk to the bottom immediately.
So today, in order to avoid the disappointment of two failures in a row, I opted to use something I knew would float: ice.

I filled an ice cube tray with water, put a toothpick in each one, and added food coloring.¬†For sails I just wrapped a piece of masking tape around each toothpick. It wasn’t pretty but the kids didn’t care, they had fun.
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