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Saturday Science: Color Mixing

SunnyGirl has finally mastered color recognition, so its time to step it up and show her how colors are made. Before we move on to cover shades and such, we’re going to practice mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.
For this experiment, I laid out 9 clear cups, each 1/3rd full of water. I put red food dye drops into two cups, yellow food dye drops into two cups, and blue food dye drops into two cups, leaving three cups with clear water. Then I laid out the cups in groupings so SunnyGirl knew which ones to mix.
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Color Sorting with Big Brother’s School Supplies

Its time for another installment of our toddler-specific series. This week I am working with creative genius Kristan over at Munchkin and Bean to bring you color sorting activities.

I’ve seen a lot of elaborate homemade activities and expensive store bought toys specific to teaching children their colors. I don’t know about you but I don’t have an excess of time nor money to be spending on something that I can whip up in the blink of an eye for free. And chances are, if you have multiple children in your home, you probably already have several color sorting activities at your disposal. Just look at your older child’s school supplies. Do they have multi-colored paper clips? Construction paper scraps? How about a box of crayons? Anything that comes in multiple colors at all? If the answer is yes then you’ve got a color sorting activity right there.
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Mini Color Sensory Boxes

Mini Color Sensory Boxes from Suzy Homeschooler (1)
This is a project that I’ve had in mind for quite some time but it has been difficult to find just the right containers to do it in. First I tried cardboard boxes covered in construction paper. Too much work, not durable enough. Then I tried bowls with animal lids which I found in the infant aisle at Dollar Tree, however the lids came off easily and I would have preferred a more uniformed look.
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3 Gross Motor Color Learning Activities

I found it really difficult to come up with fun gross motor color learning activities which included all the colors and were appropriate for the 1-4 year age range.
For a long time the best I could come up with was Twister (which we didn’t play) and rolling oranges in orange paint to paint a giant sheet of butcher paper (which we did do).
Then it dawned on me that instead of a small color sensory bin for fine motor practice, why not do a large color sensory pool for gross motor practice? This in turn lead to A life sized color wheel. 3 paddling pools with red, yellow, blue items gathered from around the house. In between each pool is a mixing bowl with balls to fill in for orange, green, and purple. All 3 children LOVED this and kept asking to play in it so I decided to leave it up a few days.
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