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25 Box Lessons for Preschoolers

In my previous post , I mentioned my box system for completing lessons with my son. Its quite simple actually, I simply have velcro numbers which attach to the side of each box and as my son completes the lesson in the box, he removes the velcro number and adheres it to a chart on the wall.  I have 10 boxes however I don’t actually need 10, I just like to have more than I need. Usually we do 4-6 boxes a day, each box takes no less than 5 minutes to complete, no more than 20. Some boxes he can complete on his own, giving me time to tend to SunnyGirl, other boxes require my participation. The following is a compiled list of examples, lessons I have used in our box system.

25 Box Lessons for Preschoolers from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

Discovery Bottles

Discovery Bottles from Suzy Homeschooler (2)

I’ve found that more than anything, young children really love to play with stuff that isn’t toys. Boxes. Balls of newspaper. Milk caps. Egg cartons. Soda bottles. Really anything you’d normally throw into the recycling bin. Its fairly harmless and makes them happy so I try not to fight them on it. In fact, I’ve found some ways of capitalizing on this interest in non-toys. For example, these discovery bottles. (more…)